Demi Moore is treated for drug addiction and anorexia

Demi Moore is treated for drug addiction and anorexia

Demmy Moor

Alas, the malaise of Demi Moore was not at all accidental and the state of her health is getting worse and worse: no matter how much the actress was brave, but the depression did her job, and she went to restore to the Utah rehabilitation center.

True, there the star is treated not only of the nervous disorder, but also from the food (thinness of Moore has already become a parable), as well as from drug passion.

According to the informed source of the portal E! News, Demi stopped in apartments worth $ 1,000 per night, and nothing interferes with her solitude – The clinic guarantees its patients the maximum level of privacy (by the way, the Cirque Lodge has previously been treated Eva Mendes and Lindsay Lohan).

However, the actress herself is forbidden to communicate with the world:

She is in strict isolation and speaks only with a few people.

She had to go for this, because it became clear that she herself was not able to cope with her problems, she needs the help of specialists.

But the ex-husband, Bruce Willis, has long advised the ex-splash to see the doctors:

He was very worried about her and insisted that she began to treat. Other friends told her the same thing, but Demi did not listen to anyone.

Even Katcher is worried about the health of her once beloved woman, the mysterious anonymous reports:

Ashton wants to help her. He believes that the main problem is her anorexia. He told her before that it was worth considering why she does not want to eat, but to no avail.

It seems that now the actress will still have to listen to the opinions of other people. And we hope the result – the healthy blooming demi – will not be long in coming.

Former husbands – Ashton Katcher and Bruce Willis – are worried about Demi’s health

Rehabilitation center, which is treated by Demi Moore

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