Claudia Korshunova: “Values ​​change with age”

Claudia Korshunova: & quot; with age, values ​​change & quot;

Claudia Korshunova, beloved actress of film critics and Nikolai Khomerika, as well as an ascending star "Contemporary", became the heroine of the fashionable photo shoot of Instyle magazine. The girl tried on the witty trends of spring, and at the same time talked about how she did not want to become an actress, what a car drove at the institute and what she thinks about Los Angeles (it was there, by the way, a fashion-shooting took place).

By the way, for 2013, the project output is outlined "Dubrovsky", in which Claudia will play a major role, and her partner will act… Danila Kozlovsky. This story is about two young people (she is a diligent student, he is a successful businessman), whose quarrel plunges them into the abyss of Pushkin’s passions. We envy our heroine, and, in anticipation of the premiere, we consider her fresh set.

About choosing a path

When I studied at school, I wanted to become a jurisdiction­volume or diplomat. I told my parents – they worked in the theater: "I won’t be an artist! What is this life? It is impossible even to earn­Tati is normal!.

Claudia Korshunova for Instyle

About the first car

After the institute, I went to "penny­Ke". It’s just fantastic freedom! For example, the traffic police officer stops me for some violation and says: "I will rent numbers now". I say: "let’s! I’ll leave it right here!" And right away: "Oh no, better pick it up!".

Claudia Korshunova for Instyle

About secular society

I don’t feel very comfortable in society. Light­conversation is not quite a conversation, talking about anything. It is difficult for me to support it, because such an easy communication is always a small harmless lie. And most importantly: the location of another person­centuries may not be a sincere impulse, but a manifestation of light­Light. It’s terrible – when a person kisses you, hugs, and after two minutes he forgot about you and think.

Claudia Korshunova for Instyle

Claudia Korshunova for Instyle

About criticism

The opinion of the audience is important to me, because I work for people, share my soul with them, heart. I read reviews for my work. Once I had a difficult period, just dropping my hands­fox. At this time, I read on one of the popular sites Polo­resident review. Her author does not even assume that I still remember his last name – so it was important for me then his kind word.

Claudia Korshunova for Instyle

About the unwillingness to conquer Hollywood and thoughts about motherhood

When I ended up in Los Angeles at this photo shoot, I thought: God, I am 28 years old! I guess I’m not with­the top of some incredible acts. But she could, for example, at the age of 20 to leave for America and try to achieve something there. But with age, values ​​are changing. Of course, I do not refuse this idea at all, but I think: do I need Hollywood so? Is it worth it to fight for it? Or there are more important things – for example, to become a mother? The more friends with children appear, the more often I think about it. I feel more and more such a need.

Claudia Korshunova for Instyle

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