New generation of British actors


New generation of British actors

Christian Cook

Britain – the birthplace of alternative designers, punk rock and fashion for androgenity. Pale -faced boys and girls in the same narrow jeans, leather jackets and swearing sneakers became a characteristic inhabitants of many large cities, but their popularity began just in foggy albion.

The new generation of young British actors exploits the same Androgynic sexuality and vicious, rock and roll images. Vman magazine captured them on his pages, and we decided to tell you a little about them.

Douglas Bus

The young actor managed "Light" In advertising Burberry, series "Pillars of the Earth" And the new film "From time to time". For a cute appearance, he is often compared with Robert Pattinson, to which the bead is responsible: "If they gave me a magic pill, thanks to which I would be as popular as he, I would have thought. On the one hand, it is damn nice, on the other – creepy". Now the actor is working with Ridley Scott and, perhaps, very soon all girls from 14 years old will have a new idol.

New generation of British actors

Thomas Sangster

Remember a cute little boy from a romantic comedy "Real love"? So, the boy grew up. And now, without a shadow of embarrassment, poses half -naked for provocative photo shoots. The actor is now very in demand; In the new film about the fate of John Lennon "The boy is out of nowhere" Sangster will play the young sex McCartney.

New generation of British actors

Jamie Campbell Bower

At the age of 21, Jamie Cambell Bower managed to play in several cult projects at once: for example, in a musical "Suini Tod, maniac-hairdresser" Tima Barton and the movie Guy Ritchi "Rock-n Roller". And although his roles were not yet the main ones, many critics have been subject to him a great future. By the way, you can see it right now in all cinemas of the city – Bower played one of the roles in "New Moon".

New generation of British actors

Alex Pettifer

Brutal in the photo, in ordinary life Pettipher looks much more infantile: he has a childish smile and a mischievous look. You could see him action "Thunderbird" And the film "Torn". There is only 19 Pettifer and in his career he sees only one drawback so far: while working on films, sometimes he has to travel, and the young actor suffers from astrophobia.

New generation of British actors

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