Sienna’s heavenly pranks Miller and Riza Ivans


Reporters should often fly in first -class salons, because celebrities in chairs in the neighborhood sometimes do this… One of the journalists was lucky (or on the contrary, unlucky) fly in the same salon with Sainna Miller and her boyfriend Riza Ivan on a flight from Los Angeles to London after "Oscars".

Reese and Sienna behaved more than directly, throughout the flight, embarrassing passengers with hot hugs and kisses. Fortunately, the lovers caressed each other, and did not molest passengers. Although witnesses do not exclude that if the flight lasted longer, everything could happen.

Having drunk wine, the couple tried to fit in one chair, laughing loudly and pushing. Then Riise took off his T -shirt, delivering the passengers a dubious pleasure of contemplation of the pale, by no means athletic torso. Everyone hid in fear, what would follow for stripping. To universal relief, Reese just started reading the script, but could not concentrate and threw it away.

It’s good that Reese did not begin to sing Sienna Serenada or threaten to blow up the plane if she once again refuses to become his wife. The flight satellites, one might say, easily got off with.


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