Nicole, repent!


The National Enquireer tabloid revealed the reason why Nicole Richie and Joel Madden do not get married. It turns out that Joel wants Nicole to marry a real Christian:

"Joel definitely does not marry Nicole until she becomes a religious. Moreover, he does not want her faith to be formal. She must truly believe with all her heart before they connect their lives forever. Joel may look like a rebel, but in fact he is very old -fashioned and he has conservative views".

"The Bible occupies an important place in Joel’s life. He even has a tattoo with the image of Jesus and the Blessed Heart. He goes to church since childhood and is grateful to God for what he is now. Joel sees how many problems Hollywood’s unbelieving youth have, including Nicole. He wants to protect his daughter from this".

Some "close friend" It also says that the spiritual transformation of Nicole has already begun. She sees the changes that happened in her life, and is grateful to Joel for this. True, sometimes she has breakdowns on the basis of the fact that she cannot attend parties as often as before the birth of her daughter. But then Joel comes to the rescue, who assures her that there are answers to all questions in faith.

All this sounds great, only one thing embarrasses: like a believing young man with conservative views could be born out of marriage?


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