New Michen Peta


In an interview with Time magazine last year, designer Georgio Armani admitted that PETA representatives convinced him to abandon the use of natural fur in their collections.

But the models that the audience saw at Armani shows this fall became a nightmare in reality for the defenders of animal rights – Fur fur coats for children, fur coats with prints, jackets and skirts with fur trim.

PETA President Dan Matthews is disappointed:

"We feel deceived. I met with Kelvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and many other designers who managed to convince, and they keep a promise not to use fur".

Matthews also added that the activist of his organization Pamela Anderson at the upcoming PETA charitable event in Italy "will make all celebrities visiting the Armani show feel awkward and will make them boycott the designer".

Beware, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise!

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