Kira Knightley will play Eliza Dutylittl


The COLUMBIA Pictures film company invited Keire Knightley to play the main character in the painting Rome "My beautiful lady" (1964) based on the play by Bernard show.

In the musical comedy of director George Kyukor in 1964, the role of a simple flower grower of Eliza Dutylitele, who turned into a sophisticated lady under the strict leadership of Professor Higgins, was played by Audrey Hepburn. The film received eight "Oscars" and three "Golden globe".

To work in the new picture of Kira, her singing skills will come in handy. And she will also learn to speak like a real cock. I hope domestic film distributors will find a way to convey to us the charm of a London dialect and will not spoil it too much for dubbing.


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