Jessica Simpson sang for women


Country singer, fashion designer and advertising face of Stampede Light Plus beer Jessica Simpson joined the struggle for women’s rights.

Yesterday Jessica performed at the Nina concert’S Night Out in Las Vegas with songs from his new album Do you Know (by the way, it takes the first lines in American country charts).

The concert takes place for the fifth time, the idea of ​​its conduct belongs to TV presenter Nina Radetich. Seven years ago, she learned about the Center for Assistance to the Women-Milfs of the Rape Crisis Center violence in Las Vegas, since then has been actively involved in raising funds for it.

This time the concert went without tears, Jessica reacted to her mission very responsibly. Before the concert, she said:

"I will put my whole soul into this performance. If I can somehow inspire women, I will be happy. It is very important that we help each other, then there will be hope for the best".


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