Heather Mills found her boyfriend


It is clear what may be interested in Hizer Mills in men. But what attracts them in the ex -wife of Paul McCartney, I can’t understand. She must be afraid of her like fire.

However, the Heiser had a friend from whom she was crazy. The young man’s name is Jamie Walker, he is 36 years old, he works in one of the hotels on the island of Tenerife. He is poor, but very beautiful. And Heather, as one of her friends says, "Hungry for the beauty of the male body", While married to Sir Paul. Well, the suffering of the Heather paid off during the divorce proceedings.

Four years of torment in the status of Mrs. McCartney, divorce and now – all the poor handsome people at your feet. In the case of a chiz – one leg. But the look at her credit card, I think, the hunters for wealth does not become less in the country. I wonder if this Jamie is.


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