George Clooney has a new girlfriend?


The reliable reason for the separation of George Clooney and Sarah Larson is still unknown, but the fact that the most enviable Hollywood bachelor does not cry in a pillow at night is obviously.

The American newspaper New York Post reports that he was seen in Italy Villa in Italy with an unknown woman of middle -aged. The source of the publication claims that George began to meet her a month before he abandoned Sarah Larson.

Clooney mercifully gave time to Sarah to give out interviews to magazines and began a modeling career, although he supposedly already had another friend.

Sarah Larson also feels good. In status "ex -girlfriend George Clooney" There are advantages and she uses them:

Sarah will advertise Christian Audigier clothes. The well -known fashion designer says:

"She is fresh and elegant. It feels class in it. I saw her on red carpets, her style impresses me and that she looks like a European".

George Clooney has a new girlfriend?George Clooney has a new girlfriend?"

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