“Friday warm -up” on Celebryityread


“Friday warm -up” on Celebryityread

Today as part of our competition "Friday warm -up" We invite you to comment on the joint photo of Mobi and Marilyn Manson. This picture is just a expanse for the fantasy of a witty gossip and witty CelebryityRead.

The new competitive section that started last week caused users of the site a stormy reaction. Which, of course, is nice – we always welcome feedback from our readers.

Honestly, we are not yet ready to part with our idea. And it seems to us that some readers did not quite correctly understand the idea "Warm up": We do not want you "Said at the direction" (completely agree, inna96, is like "sneeze on command"), we just give you a reason to demonstrate our best humorous qualities! Nothing comes to mind? Well, then it is better to click on some report with your favorite secular characters.

And why don’t we complicate the task and reduce the field of activity, providing "mockery" Only one photo? In such conditions, successful improvisations may well be born, proof of which is the commentary of the winner of the first competition (the name of the winner, by the way, we announce on Mondays under the heading "Week in links").

We are very grateful to the participants "Warm up" last week and special thanks again we say ND999, which made it with business and constructive offers. We will think them out and, quite possibly, sooner or later we will realize.

But back to the present. Today at the stake a gift set of cosmetics from the English brand Rouge Bunny Rouge. He will get to someone who is most successful "beat" Here is the situation that happened to the concert at the AFTEGED project as part of the UNSTAGED: An Original Series From American Express.

Like last week, look for the name of the winner on Monday in the post "The results of the week in links".

“Friday warm -up” on Celebryityread

But the prize set:

“Friday warm -up” on Celebryityread

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