Celebrities will settle in the taiga


In the new season on Channel One, another "The last Hero". The working name of the project "Stars in the taiga". According to rumors, the concept of the show will not change dramatically. Unless celebrities will settle in a dense forest, and not on a tropical island, and instead of mosquitoes, their delicate bodies are bitten by angry mosquitoes.

In addition, representatives of the Russian star Olympus will not fight with each other, but with immigrants from the people. Although in a couple of months it can still change. At the moment, Ksenia Sobchak, Mikhail Police, Evelina Bledans, Natasha Friske agreed to participate in the project.

Evelina Bledans:

Celebrities will settle in the taiga

"When I was offered participation in "The last hero", They said I was going to the island. And I learned about the taiga from journalists. Probably more interesting there than on a piece of sushi. But I will only go if we are protected from wild animals. I don’t want the bears to come to us at night".

Natasha Friske:

Celebrities will settle in the taiga

"In fact, this is a big secret, I have no right to disclose the details of the contract. I can only say that I agreed, and I’m not scared. Wildlife will not intimidate me. Well, in general, of course, you should undergo a training course in a special school, but then it. Let’s see closer to business".

There were rumors that the eldest sister Natasha, Jeanne was supposed to participate in the project, but her candidacy was rejected. They also say that Natasha’s consent to participate in the project finally influenced her fate in the composition "Shiny".

The producers have not yet decided on the leading program. Thought about the candidates of Konstantin Khabensky and Maxim Galkin, but most likely, Dmitry Nagiyev’s Taigu, the taiga. If the project will still take place, then wait for an answer to all questions about "The last hero" Not long left – until the fall.

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