Carmen Electra continues to talk about the wedding


Ever since Carmen Electra announced in public that he was going to become the wife of the guitarist of the Korn group Rob Patterson, she cannot be distracted from the matrimonial plans:

"I like my engagement ring so much, it is so gothic! Honestly, we are not in a hurry with the wedding, we are in no hurry to set a marriage date. After all, we have been friends for eight years, and for all this time we had only one date".

As for the demographic breakthrough, Carmen also spoke out:

"Deep down, somewhere very deep, I understand that I am ready for motherhood".

But while Carmen and Rob are content with the Society of Three Dogs: Daisy, Keiko and Roxy. What do you think, we will live to the new Carmen wedding? Or after Dennis Rodman, no one is capable of such exploits again?


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