Battle of Russian gloss: June 8-15


Battle of Russian gloss: June 8-15

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Today, on the day of Russia, we cannot ignore the glossy treasure of our Motherland. As usual, we suggest you choose the best cover in the battle of Russian weekly.

Only girls will fight today, one more beautiful than the other. On the cover of the new Grazia issue Dasha Zhukova. The weekly devoted a whole material to the discovery of the center of modern culture organized by Dasha.

In addition, Grazia promises an outright interview with Eva Longoria, who recently visited Moscow, and something new about the wardrobe Carrie Bradshaw.

Starhit magazine sheds light on the question that tormented us: does Jennifer Lopez really use the services of nannies? If you believe the announcement on the cover, Jennifer left the children with them when she came to Moscow. Read the material to find out why the singer in the capital needed black towels and pancakes.

If you like domestic series, then the face of the actress Elena Ksenofontova is probably familiar with you and you will be interested in interviews with her, which is offered by Gloria Magazine.

The main theme of the room is wedding. How to prepare for it, what it can be and what should not be. 21 page of advice to those who think to marry. I hope the titanic work of the editorial office will be useful to readers.

Hello magazine! gives us the joy of contemplation of three girlish faces at once. Admire, "VIA Gra" In his best. There are even more beauties inside: the ex -wife of Nikolai Baskova Svetlana Spiegel, Jerry Holliuel with the daughter of Blubelle, the wife of publisher Sergey Rodionov Olga and Gwyneth Paltro.

So what cover you like?


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