Charity Mission of Prince William and Katherine in Denmark

Charity Mission of Prince William and Katherine in Denmark

Prince William and his wife Katherine, called Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the most stylish woman of the year, flew to Copenhagen, so that, together with the Danish monarchs – the Crown Prince Frederick and his wife Mary – to perform a charity mission and take part in the humanitarian aid packaging for the hunger of East Africa countries (Thank you for the pictures of the blogger FashionoBSESSION).

The campaign for the collection of food and medicines for residents of countries suffering from prolonged drought (in some regions of Africa the most powerful drought was noted over the past 50 years) is held by the UNICEF emergency center. Representatives of royal families not only watched how packaging passes, but also took a direct part in it.

The eldest son of Queen Denmark Margreta, by the way, is generally popular in the country, including thanks to participation in charitable events, as well as his democratic manners (in particular, he became the first Danish monarch to marry "Girl from the people").

However, William is not very far behind him in popularity – a recent survey showed that it was his British who consider the most influential man in the country. In second place was… French DJ David Ghett, on the third – Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo. So understand after that the British!

Prince William and Duchess Catherine

Croenprin Frederick with his wife Mary

Mary and Katherine

Kronprint Frederick

Duchess Katherine

Katherine and Prince William

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