The wife of Oleg Mitvol became a singer

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Yesterday at the restaurant "Chocolate" Singer Mila Mitvol, wife of the deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol, presented her first album. Broke with the original name "I’ll wait for you forever" They gave at the exit to all guests of the evening and, it seems, in this way all its potential listeners received the album. Details under the cut.

For the first time, Lumila Mitvol told Osebe as a singer a year ago. Then the restaurateur Arkady Novikov invited her to speak at the opening of the NEXT Door restaurant. The singer coped well with the task, although the main engine of the show was the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who from time to time shouted: "Lucy, come on!".

Now Lucy turned sweet, and Ksenia Sobchak did not come at all. However, one should not think that the presentation was ignored by the Moscow light. Not at all. At the central table (even the husband Mitrele took a place somewhere on the side) sat fashion designer Daria Zhukova and publisher Polina Deripaska with friends. The co -owner was also present "Russian media group" Sergey Kozhevnikov (perhaps this will bring Mila Mitvol’s songs to the air "Russian radio") with the wife of Catherine. Restors Arkady Novikov and Alexander Sormin came with bouquets. The company was compiled by Senator Vitaly Bogdanov.

Those who, like Mila Mitall, seem to have not been represented at the evening, should not sing, but sings: an entrepreneur and participant in the Couple duet Dmitry Vasiliev, a prominent secular promoter Dmitry Fedorov (sang the lifestyle of his clients a couple with a co -owner "Auto forum" Mikhail Vengerov), freshly interviewed deputy Alexander Hinshtein (sings from case to case, but loudly and always in accordance with the party line). In a word, Emin Agalarov, Alsu Safina and Angelica Agurbash lacked, so that representatives of the musical direction of VIP-Rock were assembled. However, Mrs. Mitnol herself believes that she recorded a r`n`B disk. The performer said:

In general, since childhood, I like Breakdance and all this hip-hop culture, and I remember when I heard the first disk of the Bad Balance group, they then performed in another composition, I realized that there is hip-hop in Russia!

After these words, Lyudmila Mitrele called on the audience to certify the applause of the Vlad Valov present at the evening.

The actual performance listened with polite interest. Many were waiting for the performance of the song "Doll-fool", But alas, she never sounded. Mrs. Mityle performed her Russian unnecessary r`n`b in a long evening dress, barely shaking her hips. But the activity of the dancing almost went beyond the limits of a small scene of the restaurant.

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