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Yesterday at the restaurant "Grand Buf" The Moscow House of Cinema celebrated the release of a new glossy magazine about the rich and famous with the difficult name Pride.

The difficulties of the translation could be tested by those guests of the holiday who did not get a magazine. Who managed to flip through his pages, saw a slogan on the cover – "From the life of secular lions". Experts of crosswords and lovers of animal programs faster than others recalled that "Pride" They call the lion’s family. The most inquisitive minds puzzled the cover, for some reason a tiger print was used to design it. Details under the cut.

The editor -in -chief of Ksenia Chinkarova did not reveal this secret, but in a welcoming speech she immediately warned the guests that there was absolutely nothing to read in her magazine, except that the editor column and signatures for photographs. According to the editorial board, all 80 lanes of the monthly magazine were given to photo reports from social events.

Probably for this reason in the chamber room of the restaurant "Grand Buf" There were so many people with lenses. But, by the same time, neither lions nor tigers for photographing were in abundance. A little better was the case with the female component of the secular pride. The main prey of photographers and television operators became actresses Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Daria Moroz, the first was the main celebrity of the right hall of the restaurant, the second – left.

Vladimir Tishko with a bride Emilia, not lions, but black panthers received a lot of attention from the press. With all the desire of reporters, other representatives of the secular fauna could not be found.

The famous violinist Dmitry Kogan was responsible for the cultural part of the program, as Ksenia Chilingarova introduced him – "son the very one[approx. – Pavel Kogan, the main conductor of the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra] , but no worse". All those present, but most performed by Dmitry, the classic work were able to verify this "Seasons" Astora Piazzolla liked the jewelry sponsor of the festive evening. For the musician they prepared a memorable gift, packing it in a package with leopard spots. The sponsor-shooter turned to the chief editor of the new magazine:

You see how we successfully found a bag directly to the tone of your cover.

It seems that he was not sensitive to decorative nuances on cat skins.

See photos from the presentation in our photo gallery.

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