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On December 5, Chapurin’s House of Fashion has presented the new Haute Couture 2008 collection. The main sensation of the show was to be a dress embroidered with many diamonds. Wishing with their own eyes to see what we went to "Best friends of girls", It turned out to be too many, the gloomy walls of the Arma plant who had seen and not such crowds cracked at the seams. Read the details under the cut.

The organizers foreseeing the interrupted the interior reduced the interior for greater expanse, but, alas, not everyone managed to see anything other than the spin nearby. The density of the settlement of a square meter was such that when the correspondent accidentally fell out of the hands of numbers, he never reached the floor, hanging somewhere in the middle of the journey.

It was difficult to find someone in such a crowd, but celebrities always give out outbreaks of cameras. One of the first in lenses was Alena Doletskaya. She was in a luxurious fur coat, which she did not shoot throughout the evening, and this turned out to be very prudent on her part, since those who surrendered their things for a long time after the show could not get them back.

A tent was built in front of the entrance to the building, a sponsorship was hidden inside it. One guest for a proposal to take a picture near the car asked:

And you will give it to me later? Not? Then why should I take pictures?

But the host of Channel One Olga Kokorekin, happy near the car.

The guests all arrived and arrived. As always, Konstantin Andrikopoulos appeared with a wide smile. Tanya Gevorkyan specifically for photographers took off her jacket to demonstrate an almost summer dress, and then wrapped herself in her again. Olga Slutsker quickly went through the crowd of journalists, found Doletskaya in the crowd and dissolved. Svetlana Bondarchuk also tried to go quietly, but she was also caught right in front of the entrance to the hall.

Some of the last arrived Dasha Zhukov and Polina Deripaska, both in light dresses with short sleeves. Girls posed steadfastly photographers, despite the fact that the room was quite cool. After they joined Svetlana Bondarchuk.

In the second hall, where the show was planned, everything was already ready. On the floor, instead of the catwalk, a bright pink vinyl carpet was laid. Guests began to take their places. Alena Doletskaya, catching Dasha Zhukova, told her something for a long time. Sveta Leo Alexei Garber quickly moved from one hall to another, planting his friends. The show began, the collection was warmly met by the audience. At the end of the show, Chapurin went out for a second from behind the curtains, nodded his head easily and immediately went back.

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