“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

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Immediately after the worst day in "Pushkin" Came "Day d" – So called the new film by Mikhail Porechenkov. This is the director’s debut of the actor.

For the debut, the Russian Romek of the famous action movie was chosen "Commando" 1985 with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role. The plot, I think, is known to many – This is the story of a retired major and his daughter, leading a secluded life in the forest, and bandits who violated their calm.

The script for the picture was written by the Presnyakov brothers fashionable now, Mikhail and Varvara Porechenkovs starred in the main roles of his father and daughter.

The premiere was a fit of Hollywood. Cinema "Pushkin" They blocked, spread the red carpet on the steps, on every corner it stood on the movie camera.

It was not easy to get behind the partition, the guards the size of Porechenkov himself with the stone persons cut off all the halavers, and the organizers politely but strictly did not let unregistered journalists.

Mikhail Porechenkov and Bob Schreiber (performer of one of the central roles) with families posed on the balcony. Later, another actor from the team joined them – Mikhail Trukhin with a pregnant beauty-born Anya. Trukhina and his wife for some reason quickly took up several large guards.

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Mikhail, Barbara and Olga Porechenkov

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Bob Schreiber with his wife

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Mikhail Trukhin with his wife Anya

But the most interesting, as it turned out, was happening in the hall, full to capacity. Many stars got inside, bypassing the carpet.

Fedor Bondarchuk was discovered in the forefront. Porechenkov, for the sake of filming his film, refused to participate in his new project "Inhabited island". Fedor did not get up from his chair and lazily posed to photographers.

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Fedor Bondarchuk

On the curb, dangling his legs, Andrei Merzlikin talked with friends. I probably thought that no one would notice him. But, as soon as the actor moved to the place, the string of photographers immediately followed him.

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Andrey Merzlikin

Somewhere in the places for kisses, I found a star "Happy together" Natalia Bochkarev. Natasha painted and looked very good. The husband did not take a delighted look from his wife.

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Natalia Bochkarev was taken by surprise

After a thorough study of the auditorium, we found several more celebrities. Anya Mikhalkova and her son were actively moving under the chairs, but she was still caught in the frame, and Irina Miroshnichenko never looked into the lenses.

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Anya Mikhalkova with her son

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Irina Miroshnicheko

See who else came to watch "Day d":

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

Daniel Belykh

“Day D” showed in “Pushkinsky”

… And, of course, Evelina Bledans

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