Mariya Carey: “I don’t want more children”

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Mariya Carey: “I don’t want more children”

Mariah Carey with Monroe’s daughter

Many famous mothers do not dwell on one or two children, but Mayraia Carey does not belong to them. The 43-year-old singer, whose two-year-old Gemini Mororcan and Monroe grow up during a television interview that she was not ready to give birth again.

The leading television show Watch What Happens said that her pregnancy was quite difficult:

I suffered from preeclampsia (a disease associated with impaired cerebral circulation, developing in the second half of pregnancy – Spletnik.RU) and gestational diabetes (violation of carbohydrate metabolism in pregnant women – SPLETNIK.Ru).

It was a severe pregnancy, and its main part I was alone.

The husband of the star Nick Knnon tried to support his wife, but the work did not allow him to constantly be next to her:

Nick is wonderful, but he was busy with work, he works the most in show business.

Now the singer is ready for the next replenishment of the family only under one condition, which will be very difficult to fulfill:

If Nick could give birth to a child himself, then maybe. Then I would say: "Come on, we love children!".

However, according to Carey, she is quite satisfied with her family, and would not want to change anything:

I have a boy and a girl with a nickname. The best is impossible and to wish.

By the way, recently there have been rumors in the press that Mariai and Nika Kennon had a discord in relations, but new photos from the singer’s social networks refute this information. The other day, the star published family pictures taken at a ski resort in Aspen.

Recall that Carey also managed to congratulate fans on Merry Christmas, posting her photo in the bikini traditional for red holidays.

Mariya Carey: “I don’t want more children”
Mariah Carey and Nick Kalnon with children in Aspen

Mariya Carey: “I don’t want more children”
Mariya Carey and Nick Klenon

Mariya Carey: “I don’t want more children”
Mayrai Carey on Watch What Happens

Mariya Carey: “I don’t want more children”

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