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  • “Time does not tolerate”: Ian Somerholder in the new trailer

    A new trailer for the mini-series Sinishi Nishevich appeared on the network "Time does not tolerate" With Ien Somerholder in the title role. The plot center is an agent Black, a real James Bond among environmental defenders. During the next assignment, when Black had to prevent the abduction of the revolutionary method of extraction of […]

  • BAFTA TV-2013 Award Nominees are announced

    Almost two months have passed since the award of the British film critics – BAFTA, and today it has become known to the applicants "The younger fellow" – BAFTA TV-2013 (the Blogger Chihiro holds the hand on the pulse). The ceremony itself will take place on May 12, and now we can start to root […]

  • Many, many “dester”: the new teaser of the final season

    The creators have already confirmed that the eighth season "Dexter" – The series about the malecan killer hiding under the guise of a medical expert will become the final. And with their statement, they immediately not only increased the interest of fans in the new series, but created a real hysteria: what awaits dester Morgan? […]

  • “Mad people” in New York: Jeniiri Jones and John Hamm on the red carpet

    Christina Hendricks, Jeniuri Jones, John Hamm and other stars "Madets" gathered in New York at a special event organized by the British Academy of Cinema and Television and Television and Television and Television and Science in honor of the series. While the audience enjoy the new series of the show (the first episode of the […]

  • 90th anniversary of Aaron Spellling: TOP 10 series of the legendary producer

    Producer Aaron Spellling today would have turned 90 years old. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most effective producer of all time – in his track record of 218 films, of which many have become successful, and some (some ("Charlie’s Angels", "Dynasty", "Beverly Hills 90210") – cult. In honor of […]

  • The intrigue is growing: the first video of the eighth season “Dexter”

    June 30 start the eighth season of the series "Dexter". The creators announced that it would be final, which means that the adventures of the charismatic serial killer dester Morgan will end, everyone will wait with even greater impatience. Brighten the expectation (and strengthen the intrigue) is called a small video discovery of one of […]

  • Benedict Cumberbatch on Baker Street: Sherlock shooting is in full swing

    Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch in the image of Sherlock Holmes are ready to wait. Spectators who did not know whether the fourth season would act at all. Martin Freeman – faithful Dr. Watson – who finished shooting in "Hobbit" and ready to investigate the confusing affairs on the foggy streets of London again. And finally, […]

  • At the eighth season “dester” the first teaser appeared

    June 30 will take place the premiere of the last, eighth season "Dexter". The series acquired the first teaser – not too informative, but intriguing. Despite the fact that we are not shown any personnel from the new season, we see blood spots that are transforming into the portrait of Dexter Morgan, and the voice […]

  • Jason Momoa and Emilia Clark at the premiere of the third season of “Game of Thrones”

    Jason Momoa and Emilia Clark Having paid tribute to a big movie – at the premiere with Gerard Butler, Hollywood cordially met one of the most popular modern series – an exciting historical drama "Game of Thrones". The premiere of the third season was presented by the stars whose heroes love, fight and praise the […]

  • Full -length “gossip”: Blake Lylyui considers this a terrible venture?

    For the past few days, stubborn rumors have been going on that Blake Livillya considers the shooting of a full -length tape over the series "Gossip" (Gossip Girl) A terrible venture. Allegedly, she stated that "desperately tries to refuse to participate in the project", What causes the rabies of former colleagues. The source even quoted […]