Category: Photo Session

  • Transform Me: Another Giselle Bundhen

    Definitely, Giselle Bundhen is one of the best models of his generation. And her new photo shoot in Numero magazine, this again clearly demonstrates. Giselle became the heroine of the May issue of the magazine. She took part in a photo shoot called Trasform Me ("Change me"). And really allowed stylists to change themselves beyond […]

  • Salute, Vera!

    Singer and actress Vera Brezhneva, who was recognized more than once over the past year "The most stylish", "The sexiest" and "The most talented" told Viva magazine! About the secrets of female beauty and participated in a delicate spring photo shoot. About your secret of attractiveness and good shape I also continued to deal with […]

  • Elena Perminova: Couture – to the masses

    Recently, couture toilets can be seen not only at the ceremony "Oscar" And in the costume museum, but also in secular raautes – the most daring from It Girls put them on parties, shows, presentations. One of these fashionistas is Elena Perminova. French l’Officiel, inspired by its unique style, suggested that the Russian model try […]

  • Lady Gaga in the lens Terry Richardson

    The Queen of the shocking Lady Gaga became the main character of the May number of Harper’s Bazaar, in which she thought about creativity, plastic surgery and money. "Reflections" The singers, who tried on several habitually provocative and defiant outfits, was captured by the notorious photographer Terry Richardson. In an interview with Gaga, she admitted […]

  • Kate Moss, rare dresses Alexander McQueen and Harper`s Bazaar: To remember

    Kate Moss together with the British Harper` s bazaar pays tribute to Alexander McCuin. We have already seen a couple of covers for which the model posed in his outfits, now the first frames of the photo shoot with its participation have appeared on the Web. And again, Moss put on the alexander McQueen. Now […]

  • Free artists Dri Hemingway and Brian Adams

    Recently, Brian Adams sings less and more often and is increasingly taking off. The last heroine of his shooting (for Zoo Magazine) was Dri Hemingway – great -granddaughter of the great Ernest. The singer captured the model in the image of a free artist, and she (as, indeed, in many others) is very organic. DRI […]

  • “First -class mutant” Jeniiri Jones in W Magazine

    Dzenyuari Jones, star of the Mad Men series and "face" collections of Versace accessories, preparing for the premiere of its new picture – a fantastic action "X -Men: First Grade", which, recall, is the prequel of classic "X -Men". In an interview with W Magazine, the actress (and part -time model) spoke about mutants, "Madmen" […]

  • Spring mood of Sasha Pivovarova in Sure Korea

    Sasha Pivovarova – one of the most popular models of our time – appeared on the pages of the Korean magazine Sure. "Russian wolf" appeared in a bright, spring image showing fresh trends-maxi-deck skirts, printed bananas, jackets and tops of powder shades, as well as a mix of feminine things complemented by rude boots and […]

  • Another “angel” Victoria`s Secret – Kate Apton

    Not so long ago we met one of the new girls in the cohort "Angels" Victoria’s Secret – Kylie Ann Bizutti. This month, the brand represents one more ascending star – 18 -year -old Kate Apton, originally from Ayova. Kate quickly becomes one of the most hired models in the world. She is removed for […]

  • Beautiful heart: Natalya Vodianova in an ELLE photo shoot

    This spring, Natalya Vodianova, the pictures of the model decorate the covers of many magazines, in particular – French Elle. Inside the publication – photo shoot "Russian mermaid", in which she demonstrates "right" Makeup of the new season (natural tones, natural eyebrows, focus on the lips), created with the help of cosmetics of Guerlain (the […]