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  • Albert and Charlene in New York

    Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene are very secular monarchs, and therefore often appear on the red carpet. However, yesterday there was a really special reason for publication (especially for him, the spouses crossed the ocean!)-In New York, the awards of the Grace Kelly, Mother Albert, the Hollywood diva and the 10th Princess Monaco were […]

  • Princess Charlene in Warsaw

    Princess Charlene, Prince of Monaco Albert, President of Poland Bronislav Komorovsky Prince Monaco Albert, together with his charming wife Charlene, is now visiting in Poland (and only recently the monarchs have fun at Oktoberfest). At the solemn event on the occasion of their official visit, held today in Warsaw, the princess looked elegant, but at […]

  • Albert and Charlene on Oktoberfest

    Prince of Monaco Albert II and Princess Monaco Charlene Oktoberfest is noted not only in Munich, but throughout the world: for example, yesterday the festivities went to the principality of Monaco, and Prince Albert, together with his wife Charlene, took part in them. Of course, they did not feast in the squares, but from visiting […]

  • Brave pilot: Prince Harry’s success on the battlefield

    Girls love brave pilots, and if the pilot is also a prince? The limit of dreams, is it true. The Prince Harry, although he loves to step aside, nevertheless in Afghanistan he continues to take his mission seriously and serve his fatherland. The other day, he had to destroy several important military facilities of militants […]

  • Robbery in broad daylight: a suitcase of jewelry was stolen from the African king

    King Auchanti Otumfuo Oxes Tutu II Not Katherine and William united: representatives of other monarchies also have events worthy of lighting in the press, at least on Friday. So, today the hero of the media became the African king Otumpo Oxes Tutu II, the ceremonial ruler of the people of Auchanti (Ganu and the cat-d’Ivoire), […]

  • Prince William and Duchess Catherine in an elite night club

    Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Prince William and the Duchess of Katherine rarely appear together not at social or official events, but last night the monason couple "Locked" at the exit from a closed nightclub. In this institution in "Office" The Maifaire area is resting not only Bohemia of the British Islands, but […]

  • Crown Princess Mary: two days in St. Petersburg

    Kronprintsess Denmark Mary Crown Princess Denmark Mary arrived in St. Petersburg – Countess Montzae not only planned to walk along his wide avenues and admire the panorama of the arrows of the Vasilyevsky Island, but also perform several orders of Queen Magreta II. Kronprintsa brought to "Hermitage" decoupages and costumes for stories fairy tales "Wild […]

  • Katherine and Children: The Duchess of Cambridge visited Newcasl

    Duchess of Cambridge Catherine The Duchess of Katherine, returning to London, plunged into public life and official visits: on Monday she awarded the scholarships, met at the athletes yesterday, and today she visited schoolchildren and children with disabilities. And this time unaccompanied by the spouse: Prince William at that time mourned the dead nanny at […]

  • Charlene and Albert at Balu in Italy

    Princess Monaco Charlene and Prince of Monaco Albert II What is needed for the ball to be truly fabulous? Gorgeous dress, palace, diamonds? Yes, and this too, but the main thing is the prince and princess who would become the main characters of the evening. And so it happened yesterday in Florence, where Ballo del […]

  • Prince William and Duchess Catherine at the opening of a football center

    Prince William and Duchess Catherine Whatever day, new troubles in the royal family. Yesterday Prince Prince William and Duchess Katherine visited the Honourable Society Center to officially start the royal scholarship for schoolchildren and students. Having paid attention to education, the monarch couple switched to another British pride – football. Katherine and William arrived at […]