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  • Rihanna: Frank photoset for the promotion of perfume

    Rihanna is famous for her love for frank photo shoots! On Friday, the singer shared the next provocative pictures taken for the promotion of her new perfume, which received the appropriate name – Nude. Before that, the singer intrigued her fans with a blog entry: Tomorrow I will have a surprise for you – a […]

  • Last strokes of Kim Kardashian in front of Amfar Gala

    Yesterday, the next solemn event Amfar Gala took place in Cannes. The star of the reality show Kim Kardashian and her team carefully thought out a spectacular image for a charity evening. You could see part of the photo with Kim in blogs. World celebrities are found every year at the event "Stars against AIDS" […]

  • Karolina Kurkova: Sunny baths on the yacht Roberto Cavalli

    Supermodel Karolina Kurkova spends these days in Cannes, where the film festival is now taking place. The cloudy weather on the azure coast was finally replaced by the sun and warmth, and Carolina took advantage of the favorable moment to relax and sunbathe on the yacht of her friend, designer Roberto Kavawli (part of the […]

  • Summer on Celebryityread: Sunny baths for Sharon Stone

    Sharon Stone with his assistant on the beach While we are only waiting for the arrival of summer, Sharon Stone already enjoying the hot days with might and main: taking an assistant with her, the actress went to the California Beach, where she enjoyed a carefree rest. Girlfriends did not dare to swim in the […]

  • Eva Herkigova in a photo shoot on the roof in Cannes

    Stars from all over the world gathered in Cannes to the 65th Biley Festival – and not only to present their new films and shine on the red carpet. The top model Eva Herkigova, for example, participated in a fashionable photo shoot on the roof of one of the buildings on the azure bank. First, […]

  • Body – in the case: Rihanna in a new candid photo shoot

    Rihanna Frank photo sessions – "horse" Rihanna. So in the new set for the British issue of Esquire magazine, the singer was not ashamed. Strategically important places, of course, are covered, but spaciousness for imagination, you see, still a little remains a little. The star posed for photographer Melissa Ford in February, during her visit […]

  • Channing Tatum and Matthew McConahs arranged a master class on striptease

    Soon a new comedy film with the participation of Channing Tatum and Matthew McConahi is released soon "Super Mike", which the female half of humanity is waiting with obvious impatience. Actors shared with Entertainment Weekly "piquant" details from the filming, and also showed their muscular bodies. Who wants a piece? The plot of the film […]

  • Anne Hathaway on vacation in Miami

    Actress Anne Hathaway, which has lost weight and lost her luxurious curls, has been preparing for a long time for her new role of a dying dystrophic prostitute from the novel by Viktor Hugo "Outcasts". Now the time has come – the girl with her mother Kaitlin went to take sunbathing in Miami. We could […]

  • Mischievous “cats” Gwyneth Paltrow and Rashid Jones

    Who said meow? Rashid Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow posted their photos painted in the form of a cat face on the network in turn. The star of the series "Office" Jones was the first to post on Twitter a Paltrow photo and signed: On listening to the film "Cats"! The joke was a success, and […]

  • Labor weekdays of the former Miss Universe

    Miss Universe 2009 – Australian Rachel Finch – although she handed over the crown to her followers, does not forget about work: the other day the paparazzi found her on the beach of Sydney, where she starred in the advertisement of swimwear. Black bikini, knitted dress, a minimum of makeup and wet hair – maybe […]