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  • Angelina Jolie will take up arms again

    Cuncula blogger shared a joyful news with us: Work on the second part of the film "Extremely dangerous" Still began. Russian director Timur Bekmambetov signed a new contract with Angelina Jolie and she will act in the continuation of the film. The director confirmed this information at the premiere of his last project – paintings […]

  • Jennifer Lopez developed “Plan B”

    Many people believe that Jennifer Lopez sings much better than playing a movie. But the singer herself does not think so. Therefore, with perseverance worthy of better use, continues to try itself in the film industry. In the spring of next year, her new film project will be released – a romantic comedy (apparently, this […]

  • “Damn” Maria Mashkova

    Maria Mashkova manages everything: most recently, the young actress married a second time, and now she is finishing work on a new project – a New Year’s picture "Operation "The righteous". The film takes place on New Year’s Eve in two dimensions: in the usual Moscow clinic and in hell, where a state of emergency […]

  • “Valentine’s Day”: New Trailer

    On the eve of Valentine’s Day, a romantic comedy about love with the same name will be released on the screens. We have already seen how work is going on on the film, and now we can appreciate the official trailer and the first shots from the film. In the new picture, we will, of […]

  • Named nominees for the Actors of America Guild of Actors

    Yesterday, nominees for one of the most prestigious film awards became known yesterday – the Actors of America Award (SAG). This award is not only honorable, but also very pleasant – the recognition of colleagues in the workshop is worth a lot. This year, three films deserved special praise: Drama "I would be in the […]

  • Cartoon trailer “Shrek Forever”

    E-V-A blogger shared a joyful discovery with us: a new cartoon trailer appeared on the Web "Shrek forever". We already wrote that in the new part, the character loved everyone – Shrek – will meet Rumpelstiltzhen and fall into parallel reality because of him. In the alternative kingdom, far, far from far, everything is different: […]

  • Poster and trailer for the new film with Jennifer Aniston

    We have already admired the frames from the set of the picture very many times "Head hunter". We were especially touched by the photo in which Jennifer Aniston was with Gerard Butler. They play a divorced married couple. Moreover, the hero of Gerard Milo – "Head hunter". He catches the escaped criminals. And the heroine […]

  • “Avatar”: Hollywood premiere

    Yesterday, the premiere of a fantastic (both in content and embodiment) project James Cameron was held in Hollywood "Avatar". The filming group of the picture came to support the director, including, of course, the performers of the main roles – Zoui Saldan, Sam Wartington, Sigurni Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez. However, in addition to actors who […]

  • “Robin Hood” is in a hurry to help

    In the spring, the new film Ridley Scott is released on the screens of cinemas – "Robin Hood". The main role of the legendary hero was played by Russell Crowe, and Kate Blanchett played his lover. In the film, as you guessed, we will talk about the famous Robin Hood – at first he was […]

  • Golden Globe 2010: Nominees declared

    Today, nominees were announced for a prestigious film ahead – "Golden Globe". Pictures will compete for the right to be called the best film "Avatar", "Inglourious Basterds", "Nine", "500 days of Summer" and "Hangover" (such a surprise!). Most of the nominations of the film "I would be in the sky" – It is represented immediately […]