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  • Find out the topmodel

    Miracles of makeup are shown to us by artists from sunny Hollywood in their latest films. What is this black -haired model in the photo? The answer is inside. This is Jude Low in drama "Anger" (Rage). In the picture, he plays transvestite. Other films also show us the achievements of make -up artists. Here […]

  • “Faust” for Alexander Sokurov

    One of the most talented Russian directors Alexander Sokurov films "Faust" Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Creator of the trilogy about Hitler, Lenin and Hirochito ("Moloch", "Taurus" and "Sun") Starts filming film adaptation of the famous tragedy. Moreover, Alexander Nikolaevich will make a film about Faust with the final part of the above paintings, thus turning them […]

  • “Sherlock Holmes” came to America

    Official frame from the film New frame, new outfit, new city. Guy Ritchi continues to make his film about Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Irene Adler. Having moved from his native England to the United States, Guy Ritchi began to work on scenes with the participation of Rachel Macadams. In a bright raspberry dress, she […]

  • Be, to be, to be

    Glory, Manolo! The second part of the picture "Sex and Big City" will be published in 2010. This information in an interview with E! confirmed by the director and producer of the picture Michael Patrick King. "I am happy to work with these amazing actresses again and would like to give everyone more information about […]

  • “Shopogolik” is already on the screens

    Aila Fisher flew to New York to participate in the premiere of her new film "shopaholic", threatening to become a hit. To be honest, a rather modest presentation of the picture in the cinema Ziegfeld Theatre was somewhat surprised. Even some of the main roles performers, such as Christine Scott Thomas and Hugh Danxi, did […]

  • Oscar-2009. CelebrityRead forecast. Best Supporting Actress

    At the picture "Doubt" Big chances to take away "Oscar" per "The best feminine role secondary" – Two actresses who played in the film are announced in this category. Frame from the film "Doubt" 34-year-old Amy Adams played the role of a nun, sisters James, and 44-year-old Viola Davis played the mother of a boy, […]

  • Berlinale is open

    Yesterday in Berlin, the premiere of the drama of Tom Teakver "Internet" The 59th International Berlin Film Festival started. For the next ten days, the authoritative jury, led by British actress Tilda Swinton, will have to watch 26 films, from which to choose one best. The name of the winner of Berlinale will be announced […]

  • Dakota Fenning just as an adult

    Following Rena Zellweger, Dakota Fenning bypassed the most popular television programs of America. She advertises her new film about people with supernatural abilities "Psychics". The first destination was the popular show of David Letterman in New York. Despite her young age, Dakota visiting David a second time. In 2003, she already appeared in the famous […]

  • The film critics of London called their heroes

    London film critics do not lag behind the American. They have all the same heroes on the agenda: "Millionaire from slums" And Kate Winslet. There are also their favorites – Christine Scott Thomas, for example. London Circle Film Awards triumphants were paintings "Millionaire from slums" and "Wrestler". Creator "Millionaire" Danny Boyle received a personal award […]

  • Hilary against Fei

    Hilary Duff is going to play the role of Bonnie Parker in a classic film ramics "Bonnie and Clyde" With Fei Danai and Warren Bitty. There is nothing saint in the young actress, nothing confuses her: not a dubious director Tonya with. Holi, neither the script, almost found in the attic, nor the remark of […]