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  • After watching the film “Lincoln”, slavery was canceled in the state of Mississippi

    Picture by Stephen Spielberg "Lincoln" (now the owner of two "Oscars") – not just a movie about the life of the president of America, but, as it turned out, a film that can influence the highest authorities. So, thanks to him, in the state of Mississippi, slavery was finally officially abolished. Incredibly, the fact is […]

  • The jury of the Cannes festival will be headed by Stephen Spielberg

    Steven Spielberg Today it became known the name of the chairman of the jury of the Cannes Festival: the fate of the film will be performed by the famous American director Stephen Spielberg. And, I must admit, the 66th French film forum in good hands: Spielberg’s paintings were put forward 15 times for "Oscars" – […]

  • Martha film awards: spring mixing genres

    Movie "Oz: Great and terrible" In March, not only nature wakes up, but also film distributors. A large number of films for different taste will be released – from fairy tales to terrible thrillers and horror. It’s time to take places in cinemas. "Oz: Great and terrible" (March 7) In the film adaptation of the […]

  • Cohen brothers will write a script for the new film Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie is preparing to make a new film. The tape already received "Unlucky", talk about the difficult fate of Louis Zamperini – an American athlete and military pilot. Jolie’s script entrusted real professionals, owners of four "Oscars" The Coenes brothers. In 2010, a book about the life of Zamperini was published-its creators of the […]

  • New photo Nicole Kidman in the image of Grace Kelly

    The release of the film about the life of Princess Monaco Grace Kelly with Nicole Kidman is scheduled for the end of 2014, but now a real excitement is going on around the tape. Still, because Grace was not only a crowned special, but also a Hollywood star, a cult woman of her time and […]

  • “Iron Man 3”: new posters and personnel

    Lovers "Iron person" Tony Stark to expect new adventures of her hero worth May 2. In the meantime, the creators demonstrate short trailers and shots from the upcoming film. Plus, Empire magazine published several posters for the picture "Iron Man 3". The main characters of the film appear in all glory in all its glory: […]

  • Oscar -2013: an alternative view of the ceremony

    Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Official ceremony "Oscar"-2013 We already managed to watch online broadcasts, discussed the red carpet, lightly illuminated on Spletnik.Ru – and now we invite you to look behind the curtains of the ceremony and evaluate what emotions were hidden from the audience Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and other stars. […]

  • Presentation of the Academy Award -2013: the first results

    Cinema "Oscar" It is in full swing: new guests continue to arrive on the red carpet of the Los Angelevsky Theater "Dolbi", However, the first results became known. Congratulations to the winners whose names have already sounded from the stage. So, the first award of the evening (and the second in his career) received Christophe […]

  • “Oscar-2013”: show and triumphs of the main award of the year

    Ceremony "Oscar" approaches its logical conclusion. Behind – several months of discussions of the nominees, disputes about who is worthy of a reward more than others, a close study of outfits from the red carpet (you have already decided on the favorites?), and ahead – AFTTEPATIT VANITY FAIR, on which, according to tradition, the whole […]

  • “Cesar” -2013: France handed the film ainagrad of the year

    Olga Kurilenko On the night of Friday to Saturday, France presented its main film ahead of the year – "Cesar", The main guests of which were not only the French stars – Marion Cotillard, Berenis Bezho, People Sannie, Charlotte Hensbur, but also "overseas" Guests in the person of Kevin Costner and Olga Kurilenko. And this […]