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  • “Treasures about.To.”: Apriling trailer with Alexei Vorobyov

    While the whole country is worried about the health of Alexei Vorobyov (someone believes, someone does not believe in the unplanning of a car accident), a new film trailer appeared on the network with the participation of the artist – "Previous about.To." (in another interpretation – "Treasures of Lake Kaban"). Let us leave the holivars […]

  • “There is no connection”: we meet actor Mark Jacobs

    The hero of Mark Jacobs will not have to be sweet Did someone doubt Mark Jacobs’s talents? So the couturier himself confidently conquers not only fashion catwalks, but now the movie screens – Mark played one of the roles in the picture "There is no connection" (Disconnect) director Henry Alex Rubin. The company’s company was […]

  • “What Mezi Knowed”: Trailer with Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard

    Julianne Moore in the film "What Mezi knew" Parental divorce is not the most pleasant impression for the child. The main character of the film "What Mezi knew" – little girl watching the divorce of parents. Her mother is a successful rock star (Julianne Moore got used to this image), and dad is art dealer. […]

  • “Seal of King Solomon”: a new fairy tale on eternal topics

    Everything is possible in fairy tales – even a meeting of heroes and events from different books and times. The plot of the new cartoon "The seal of King Solomon", which will be released on May 1, built precisely on such an unexpected combination. According to the plot of Geklberry Finn (the same one, from […]

  • Oblivion: a new trailer and shots with Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise in the film "Oblivion" Painting "Oblivion", which we will see on wide screens in April, promises to show us a fantastic (in every sense of the word) and an ominous world after the apocalypse. According to the plot, when life on earth becomes impossible, people will move to other planets, making only rare […]

  • Emma Watson will become Cinderella, and Kate Blanchett is an evil stepmother

    Emma Watson and Kate Blanchett can play in the film adaptation "Cinderella" Emma Watson will return to the fairy tale again – information appeared that the star "Harry Potter" Cinderella will play in the film adaptation of the fairy tale of the same name, the adaptation of which was planned by Disney. The role of […]

  • “Incredible Bert Uanderstone”: New shots from the film

    Steve Bushemi, Olivia Wilde and Steve Karell For the film "Incredible Bert Uanderstone" Jim Kerry, Steve Karell, Steve Buschemi and Olivia Wilde reincarnated into illusionists. Each hero received a fairly unusual image. The picture itself will be released on June sixth, but for now you can see the heroes on new frames. The comedy will […]

  • Premiere “Oz: Great and Terrible” in London

    James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Wayz and Mila Kunis The stars of the film "Oz: Great and terrible" continue their tour of Europe. Having presented the picture in Russia, the next day they had already gone to London to show their work in the evening to the English public. To the composition that we saw […]

  • Hockey player Danila Kozlovsky: New posters of the film “Legend No. 17”

    Movie premiere "Legend No. 17", in which Danila Kozlovsky plays the great hockey player Valery Kharlamov, closer. Already on April 18, the picture can be seen on large screens. In the meantime, the creators pamper us with trailers, now – posters. In two new pictures, which will soon decorate the streets of cities, Danila demonstrates […]

  • Vanity Fair party in Terry Richardson lens

    Terry Richardson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt The back of the ceremony "Oscars-2013" We have already managed to see. In less than a couple of days, as we can spy on what happened at the Vanity Fair party after presenting awards. Terry Richardson provided us with this opportunity. The indefatigable photographer does not part with the camera […]