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  • Naomi Watts in the image of Princess Diana: the first pictures

    Princess Diana and Naomi Watts Naomi Watts has been starring in the film about the life of Princess Diana, and, finally, we can evaluate whether the actress has a reincarnation – the AIA0604 blogger shared photos from the set. Styling, classic costumes that lady di could well wear – In some angles, Watts looks like […]

  • Fearless Jessica beat in the trailer “Verzil”

    Where do children go, in which cities? In film "Verzila" For a long time, this question was asked by the inhabitants of a small town, where an unknown person abducted the kids from year to year. However, the heroine Jessica beat did not torment in vain in vain: when she saw a certain Verzila to […]

  • “Jungle” calls: the film trailer with Vera Brezhneva and Sergey Svetlakov

    In the personal life of Sergey Svetlakov, not everything is smooth now, but the showman’s career goes uphill – already in November a new film with the participation of an actor called under the name is released in November "Jungle". Tanushka28 blogger shared a trailer. Ironically, the hero of Svetlakov is also experiencing a crisis […]

  • Cinema in July: what can not be missed

    "Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend" Where to pass July evening? Of course, in the cinema! This month we will see a new Spider-Man, the new Batman and the new adventures of the heroes "Ice age". "Roman adventures" (5’th of July) Having made films about Barcelona ("Vicki Christina Barcelona") and Paris ("Midnight in Paris"), […]

  • “Man with iron fists” already on the way: trailer paintings

    Frame from the film "Iron" The Universal Pictures movie gym has presented the movie trailer "Iron" – adventure action movie inspired by the classic of Kung Fu, in the interpretation of the producer, director and scriptwriter RZA (member of the famous Wu-Tang Clan team) and Elia Rota (he helped in writing the script). Quentin Tarantino […]

  • Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper collect “Rays of Hope” in a new trailer

    Bradley Cooper can safely be called a Homeleon man: more recently, the actor flaunted with dreadlocks, and now appears on the screen with a short "Hedgehog" On the head, interrupted by the nose and a bunch of obsessive ideas and fears. You can watch a new image of the Cooper in the film trailer "Collection […]

  • Pregnant Reese Witherspoon on the set of a new film

    Reese Witherspoon on the set of a thriller "Devil’s knot" Despite any family scandals, as well as "Interesting" the position of the actress, the stubborn Reese Witherspoon continues to work. The other day is starry "blonde in law" She was noticed in Atlanta where she flew with her son Deikon to shoot a new film […]

  • New trailer: the film “Escape” with Bradley Cooper and Kristen Bell

    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard This week a new trailer for the film Daex Shepard appeared "The escape", which received from the creators Rating R – "Persons under the age of 17 watch only accompanied by adults". According to the plot, the former racer-robber Charlie Bringson (DAX Shepard) violates the rules of the program to […]

  • John Travolta and Blake Lylyuy brought “especially dangerous” to New York

    Taylor Kitch, John Travolta, Blake Lylyiva, Oliver Stone More recently, Blake Liville shone in Los Angeles at the premiere of the picture "Particularly dangerous", And now the actress, along with other stars, brought a film to New York. Compare the two premieres? This time, the director of the picture Oliver Stone was able to come […]

  • Salma Hayek and her “fat man in the ring” in the new trailer

    Salma Hayek A comedy trailer appeared on the network "A fat man in the ring" with Salma Hayek and Kevin James in the lead roles. Fans of fun family cinema – this film for you! In the new picture, Salma Hayek played a lover of an unlucky amateur boxer (Kevin James). Simple teacher Scott OSS […]