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  • CelebryityRead’s birthday: Competition “My Meeting with a Star”

    "Celebryityread" celebrates its fifth anniversary, and in honor of this grand event, we announce a competition called "My meeting with a star". You or your friends in the album carefully stored a photograph with an idol, which is the subject of your pride and envy from friends? Share her with the whole world! Lay out […]

  • 8th anniversary of CEELEBRITYREAD: Bloggers virtual ceremony. Part 2

    The first portion of gifts on the occasion of birth "Celebryityread" We have already handed it and after a small break we continue. We very much appreciate your author’s posts, and among them we want to highlight those in which you share our own experience. A special prize for honest stories about "tested on himself" […]

  • Thriller in Moscow!

    Strange creatures filled Moscow. Zombies roam the streets of the city: young brides, bloody nurses, police, bandits, honest citizens. They woke up from "eternal sleep", barely hearing the first sounds of an ominous melody. What is it? it "Thriller in Moscow! August 29, on Michael Jackson’s birthday in the capital, an unprecedented event will take […]

  • How the stars celebrated the New Year

    Kim Kardashian and Chris Jenner While some worked on New Year’s Eve, others – Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, sisters of Hilton – had fun. Blogger Amelie shared photos with us. In New York Rules Ball "Queen of the monsters", which became the nail of the festive program on Times Square, where hundreds of thousands of […]

  • Michael Jackson has another son?

    Related bonds. Omer Bhatti (leaning) sits next to the members of the Jackson family (from left to right): Rebby, Janet, Randy, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermen at the Memorial Ceremony in Los Angeles on July 7 Omer Bhatti, 25-year-old rappper from Norway, about which he had already rumored that he was the secret son of […]

  • Marathon of copyright posts on Celebryityread

    Dear gossip! As you probably already know, today, October 20, our site celebrates the birthday: "CEELEBRITYREAD" Filled 7 years. We thank everyone who congratulated us, congratulates and is going to congratulate us. In turn, we begin the promised celebration and launch the long -awaited marathon of copyright posts. Within two weeks, we expect posts from […]

  • Madonna broke up with Lady Gaga

    The other day, Madonna fought with Lady Gaga. The cause of the brawl was told by the blogger Maryna_bo. Infrequently on American television, you can see two fighting blondes in sexy linen and boots. But wait for who it is? Yes, this Madonna famously grabbed the hair of Lady Gaga! What happened? Such a picture […]

  • TOP-10 of the most annoying stars

    The Kuz blogger found E-Poll Market Research, which studied the ratings of more than three thousand celebrities, a list of the most annoying stars. So, who tired the audience with his constant presence in the media? Paris Hilton became the absolute leader – she has 70 percent of the vote. This could be said without […]

  • Men called the most intelligent and beautiful Russians

    Men chose the smartest and most beautiful Russians. The leader of the rating of the intellectuals was the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, and the most beautiful participants in the survey organized by VTsIOM by March 8, according to the TV presenter Oksana Fedorov. Kartoshechka shared curious results. The creators of the ratings, […]

  • Let everyone know how Rihanna is resting: personal photos of the singer

    Rihanna works a lot (the other day we could observe it during the recording of the new album Talk that Talk), but knows how to rest! How exactly she does this, the singer demonstrated to her fans, among whom was the blogger Pchelkamia, on Facebook. There is something to see in the pictures: Rihanna visited […]