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  • Attention, Jordan takes off

    The most profitable breast in the world, she is Jordan, decided to buy a personal plane for herself. Jet will cost almost ten million dollars. The supermodel is determined to paint it in pink and, of course, write on the side in large letters – Jordan. I hope not with strangers. Now her husband Peter […]

  • Kylie Minogue became carried away by Paul McCartney

    Needless to say, few women leave an indifferent youthful appearance, a sense of humor and, of course, the huge collection of Sir Paul McCartney. So Kylie Minoga fell under the scope. The singer represented McCartney in the nomination "Contribution to music" At the recent Brit Award ceremony. Since then, the miniature Australian is literally fascinated […]

  • The regiment Federlinov arrived

    Kevin Federalline became uncle. About a week ago, his 23-year-old brother Cameron had a daughter. Cameron is known for the fact that the year Anazad was arrested for trying to sell alcohol to the buyer to the buyer. And British Spears came to his school in Oregon on a visit when she was married to […]

  • Bai Lin was punished for theft

    Actress Bai Lin was punished for petty theft: she is obliged to pay a fine of $ 250. On February 13, in one of the stores of Los Angeles Airport, she tried to steal a couple of magazines and packaging batteries with a total value of $ 16 22 cents. In her excuse, the 37-year-old […]

  • Tony Romo denies the fact of engagement with Jessica Simpson

    Well, we didn’t have time to really rejoice at Jessica Simpson’s personal life, her boyfriend Tony Romo denied joyful information: These are just rumors. We are not engaged. Someday, of course, I get married, but I don’t know when it will happen. The football player is apparently too innocent to play along with Jessica and […]

  • Dennilinn was declared the heiress of Anna Nicole Smith

    The half -year -old daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith was officially declared the heiress of her mother, and her father Larry Birchedo and Howard to. Stern, husband and lawyer Anna Nicole, appointed by the girlfriends of the girl. This means the continuation of court battles for one and a half billion dollars received […]

  • Bond, Mrs. Bond

    It is not clear for now if Bond will ever marry one of his girls, but an actor acting as an agent, Daniel Craig made an offer to his girlfriend, 29-year-old American Satsuki Mitchell. In honor of the engagement, Satsuki received from the groom a platinum ring of Cartier with diamonds. The wedding is planned […]

  • Battle of covers: Demi Moore

    Click photos to increase Demi Moore starred for the cover of the April number Harper`s Bazaar, and a couple of months before for this for magazine V. Which of the covers of the demi do you like more? "

  • Photo of the day: Rihanna and Wuyuttonics

    While Louis Vuitton spends a lot of money on the opportunity to use the images of legendary politicians and musicians in its advertisement, the young singer Rihanna does this completely free of charge. It is understandable, only luxury can be reflected in the eyes of the future new Madonna. "

  • Britney insight

    Usually the news about partings is not pleased, but this time we will be an exception. Britney Spears broke up with 35-year-old paparazzi webom Ednan Galib. Yes, this is the one that was married when Roman twisted from Britney. The one who tried to do business by selling video with insane Spears. Apparently, all of […]