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  • Patrick Suezei has been found cancer

    Sometimes you have to write about what I don’t want to believe in. 55-year-old actor Patrick Suezi ("On the crest of a wave", "Ghost", "Dirty dances") Pancreatic cancer was found. The actor undergoes a course of chemotherapy. According to the American Society for the fight against cancer, only less than five percent of patients with […]

  • Reese Witherspoon fights for women’s rights

    Yesterday in New York at the UN headquarters, Riz Witherspoon solemnly introduced the bracelets of the series "Equality for women", funds from the sale of which will go to the charity fund. Decorations were developed by AVON together in the Women’s Rights Protection Fund for the UN. Reese made a speech: Every third woman in […]

  • Photo of the day: John Mayer feeds paparazzi from hand

    Musician John Mayer has a politician. While he had fun at the Butter club, in New York, a whole paparazzi regiment was on duty at the entrance. What was their surprise when Mayer ordered them food and paid for it. Very far -sighted, you will not say anything. "

  • Daniel Radcliffe is pursuing an unknown

    A source from Warner Brosers claims that Daniel Radcliffe receives threats from an unknown pursuer. The studio bosses considered it necessary to hire four bodyguards who follow Daniel’s movements on the set of Potteriana’s new film "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". The actor’s routes are constantly changing to bring down the criminal from the […]

  • Vandals mutilated the car <Br>Lily Allen

    While Lily Allen was resting with friends in the Groucho bar, unknown people broke the glass of her brand new BMW, bought about a week ago. In his blog, Lily calls the guilty: If you see on the network a photo of my car with broken glasses, know that someone from the crowd of paparazzi, […]

  • Christina Ricci – a miniature spy

    Actress Christina Ricci dreams of roles in militants: After filming in the film "Spidi racer", in which there was a lot of movement and fights, I want to be busy in militants. I understand that for the superhero I didn’t go tall. But I can play spy. A miniature spy is so functional, it takes […]

  • Kate Moss and addictions

    Do not think anything bad, we are not moralists and well understand that even Kate Moss has the right to relax well. But these relaxations seem to take on a form of serious dependence. Just the other day, she got good at Kelly Osbourne, and here again. In the middle of the working week! Kate, […]

  • Jamie Lynn Spears is waiting for a boy

    Britney Spears and her pregnant younger sister Jamie Lynn the other day visited a clothing store for children Petit Tresor in Western Hollywood. Celebrities love to make purchases there. Judging by the fact that the diapers and clothes of the sisters Spears chose exclusively blue color, we can conclude that Jamie is waiting for the […]

  • Jessica Simpson buying real estate

    Jessica Simpson is probably smarter than we think. At least she has enough ingenuity to invest in real estate. Jessica bought gorgeous apartments in the Palms Place residential complex in Las Vegas. High ceilings, floors made of wood and marble, a huge bathroom is a small part from the list of luxury luxury houses of […]

  • Stephen Spielberg launches a social network for ufologists

    Definitely, the world is experiencing a boom of social networks. Oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov creates a network for millionaires, skater Evgeny Plushenko pleased with a specialized resource for gifted people, and Stephen Spielberg creates a network for all those interested in paranormal phenomena – drums, aliens and ghosts. So if one day on the way home […]