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  • Kirsten Dunst found love for rehabilitation

    Intouch magazine reports that Kirste Dunst has a new novel. There are no barriers for love, even in a rehabilitation clinic in Utah, where a 25-year-old actress is treated, you can find a couple of. The magazine writes: They are all the time together, for which they constantly receive comments from the staff of the […]

  • Brad and Angelina quarrel

    The Star tabloid, whose information should always be divided into two, reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie swear due to wedding plans. Brad wants a great celebration in his native New Orleans, and Angelina insists on a modest celebration in France. When Brad said that his mother Jane would attract to organize the ceremony, […]

  • Britney Spears increases in size

    A week ago, the world shuddered: Paparazzi Ednan Galib said that Britney Spears is pregnant from him. We did not have time to rejoice at the release of Britney from the spell of a sales photographer, as she made up with him. How Galiba manages to persuade her, I don’t understand. In the photographs, the […]

  • Photo of the day: Jordan and her models

    They say that the monarchs started pugs so that they shade their beauty. It seems to me that Jordan had a similar motive during the presentation of her underwear line. We have the opportunity to compare her body, on which plastic surgeons regularly work with the bodies of women who do not know what Botox […]

  • Keanu Reeves meets with Parker Uzi?

    Perhaps 43-year-old Keanu Reeves and 39-year-old Parker Uzi Roman ("Scream-3", "Letter for you", "Eye"). Witnesses who recently watched them in Los Angeles at the Chateau Marmont Hotel say: They sat very, very close to each other. On the account of actress Parker U mustache more than 60 roles, but she is known for work in […]

  • Bekham’s former lover recorded a single

    Rebecca Luz, who became known after a short connection with David Beckham in Spain in 2004, is not averse to becoming a professional singer. Having made a name on a fleeting relationship with a football player, she led several television shows, and now she wants to sing. Which is noteworthy, in a debut song called […]

  • Nikolai Tsiscaridze on coated paper

    Among the stars, it becomes more and more fashionable to try itself as a writer, releasing autobiography or collections of stylish advice. The Bolshoi Ballet Prime Minister Nikolai Tsiscaridze went the other way – The book was published the other day "Moments". This is not a story about the dancer’s love adventures, not the memories […]

  • Mom Lohan leads the youngest daughter <Br>to glory

    The Lohan family takes more and more space in the information space: the shooting of the reality show Living Lohan has already begun. In it, the mother of the Dina Lohan family, claiming the title "White Oprah Winfrey", will show on his own example how to make a celebrity out of a child. Experiments will […]

  • Lindsay, are you?

    Michael Musto, a well-known New York writer and author of the Celebrity column in The Village Voice, could not pass by the famous photo shoot Lindsay Lohan A la Marilyn Monroe. Michael did not hide his homosexuality easily entered the image of Marilyn… Or Lindsay? See more photos: "

  • Dog food from Ellen Dedenery

    Big Animal Lover, Popular American TV presenter Ellen Dedenery, launches a line of food for dogs. Ellen explains the new undertaking as follows: Dogkovoists love their pets so much that they buy them clothes, jewelry and shoes that look like human. So why not feed dogs with natural food that people could eat. Our products […]