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  • Eminem’s eternal love

    It seems that Eminem would not forget his divorce in any way, he tried to forget himself in the arms of Hollywood beauties – nothing helps. And here again. I found a girl to my liking: a former hairdresser, and now a manager of a music studio, a blonde and beauty Mernie Bright. And evil […]

  • Victoria Beckham attended a book presentation of a friend

    On the eve of London, Victoria Beckham visited the book presentation of her girlfriend – star designer of interiors Kelly Hoppen. The book is called Design MasterClass. Note that Kelly Hoppen not only developed the interior design for David and Victoria Beckham, but also released 7 books that became bestsellers. Actress Sienna Miller, as well […]

  • Taylor Swift intends to buy a mansion next to the dwelling of the ex-boyfriend

    Taylor Swift, adorned the grandiose show Victoria’s Secret this year, is going to purchase elite real estate in London. According to some Western tabloids, the star intends to buy a house in the capital of Great Britain, because she is tired of staying in hotels when he visits Europe: Taylor is not so often in […]

  • Ashley Simpson broke up with the groom?

    There are stubborn rumors that Pete Wenz and Ashley Simpson broke up. Poor Pete probably could not stand her tyranny. At one of the last parties, he once again appeared unaccompanied by the bride, which raised a bunch of questions among the ever -suspecting something wrong paparazzi. Only one thing could answer: Ashley is all […]

  • Sharon Stone, Hilary Suronk and Kesha on Amfar Gala Vacher

    The night before, an AMFAR India charity gala in Taj Mahal, Mumbai passed. Among the guests were such celebrities as the Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, Oscar-winning Hilary Suonk and pop singer Kesh. Choosing an outfit, the stars stopped on the classic version — "Total Black". But each of them interpreted it in its own way. […]

  • People for Britney

    And Britney Spears, despite the modest vocal data, still have fans. And they even managed to get together in defense of their beloved singer. A little more than a dozen people went to the alley of fame in Hollywood last night. With posters, cries – Everything is like adults. "Return the Britney of the children", […]

  • Continuing troubles Jane Seymour

    Black strip Jane Seymour continues. A certain Donald Morton sued her 22-year-old son David. He assures that in 2005, David crashed into his car in Santa Monica, which caused him material damage, physical pain and mental suffering. For all this, Mr. Morton wants 25 thousand dollars. Since David was traveling on the mother of Volvo, […]

  • Britney in the voice

    You, of course, remember the enchanting performance of Britney Spears on MTV Video Music Awards 2007. The poor thing was not easy, still reaping the fruits. Sounders – evil people – posted a direct record of Britney’s voice on the network. Not a plywood that was fed by the audience at the concert, but a […]

  • Clowns are attacking

    No, this time we are not talking about Courtney Love. Giselle Bundhen on Friday visited the famous circus du Sole, so the artists had to tear off her by force. Mim desperately clung to the leg of the supermodel, and did not want to let go of. You can understand it, this leg costs $ […]

  • Hilary Suronk was awarded for kindness

    Hilary Suronk received a special award for her role in the film "Freedom writers". In the film, the heroine of SUNK, a young teacher, teaches difficult teenagers tolerance. But we know that Hilary is not only so correct in films, she doesn’t feel sorry for the sake of a good deed. So, our verdict: I […]