Category: Celebrity Diets and Fitness

  • Kelly Osbourne scored 9 kilograms after a break with a groom-Vegan

    In January of this year, Kelly Osborne broke up with the groom-Vegan Matthew Mosshart and since then managed to gain 9 kilograms. Now the star decided to hardly limit herself in nutrition, and also signed up for yoga and Pilates. 29-year-old Osborne calls losing weight not "diet", a "purification". Note that since October 2012, Kelly […]

  • Hulle Berry told how she came into shape after childbirth

    Hulle Berry gave birth to a son Maseo at the end of October last year, and a few months later the actress already shone in public and showed the audience a fit figure. Celebrity fans do not get tired of praising her figure and are surprised how she managed to drop extra pounds so quickly. […]

  • Interview: Pierre Dukan on the weight loss of Beyoncé and other celebrities

    Yesterday, March 19, the famous dietitian Pierre Dukan visited Moscow. The method of losing weight is scolded and desperately protect. SPLETNIK.RU decided to ask the guru a few questions about the weight loss of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé. Do you know which of the stars adheres to your […]

  • Emilia Clark sat on a hard diet

    The star of the series "Game of Thrones" Emilia Clark sat on a hard diet: the actress should come to the form for the role of Sarah Connor in the fifth "Terminator". Wheat products, sugar, caffeine and dairy products were banned. In an interview with the British version of Instyle magazine, 26-year-old Clark said: I […]

  • Christina Aguilera is afraid to gain weight during the second pregnancy

    Christina Aguilera hired the best nutritionists so as not to gain weight during the second pregnancy. Last summer, Christina Aguilera surprised everyone: the star dropped more than 15 kilograms and reached a weight of 45 kilos. Now the singer is expecting a second child from Matt Ratler and is very afraid to get better again. […]

  • Jennifer Hudson is no longer the face of a weight loss system

    The singer and actress Jennifer Hudson decided not to renew the contract with the Weight Watchers weight loss system, thanks to which she lost 36 kilograms since 2010. Sources of People magazine said the decision was mutual. 32-year-old Hudson said: I preferred to abandon the role of the messenger of the company and look forward […]

  • 600 calories per day: Rachel Zoe continues to lose weight after childbirth

    Only a week after the birth of the second child, Rachel Zoe demonstrated an excellent figure and an excellent sense of style when she went with her husband and children to rest in one of the Los Angeles hotels. However, then the designer decided that her body was not in the best shape and continued […]

  • Mark Walberg: “I’m trying to become the most thin as possible”

    The star of the new blockbuster "Transformers: era of extermination" Mark Walberg starred in criminal drama "Player", for the role in which he sits on the strictest diet. Photos from the set demonstrate how significantly a 42-year-old actor has lost the role of a literature teacher dependent on gambling. In January, Mark said: I’m trying […]

  • Shakira: “Instead of boring exercises – tennis and videos”

    Shakira demonstrates a fit figure on the cover of the April issue of Women’s Health magazine. In an interview with the publication, the star not only shares its own secrets of maintaining the form, but also speaks of other topics – including telling relationships with Gerard Piquet and explains why the song Hips Don’t Lie […]

  • Jessica Simpson about losing weight: “I never felt happier!”

    The built Jessica Simpson starred in the new advertising system of weight loss system Weight Watchers. 33-year-old star poses in a white narrow dress Alexander McQueen and declares: When I started to lose weight in the system, I did not know what to expect from the meetings of the participants. However, I love to go […]