Category: Battle of the Looks

  • Battle of dresses: Anastasia Ryabtsova against Irina Volskaya

    As it is not called it: Indian cucumber, Turkish bob, oriental cucumber… However, the point is not the name, but that the famous "Cucumber Payley" This summer was decorated with more than one design collection. He appeared, among other things, in the fashion line of Stella McCartney. Colorful blue trousers with a traditional ornament from […]

  • Battle of dresses: Georgia May Jagger vs Kira Plansina

    In a long printed dress with an asymmetric heal of the authorship of the youngest designer of Russia – Kira Plastinina – at a closed show Lublu Kira Plastinin, who took place as part of a Volvo fashion for fashion last April, a girlfriend of Kira and her brand model Mai Jagger appeared – Model […]

  • Battle of dresses: Victoria Beckham vs Gogh Ashkenazi

    HAnd the active skirmishes of Azzedin Alayi with Anna Wintour are not difficult for an hour and forget that the master of the design cut creates magnificent dresses loved by the most famous fashionistas, which are ready to walk for more than one year in a row. Thus, the paparazzi captured Victoria Beckham in a […]

  • Battle of dresses: Kim Kardashian against Jennifer Lopez

    The tight -fitting Tom Ford dress is just below the knee with long sleeves, closed with a collar and a deep neckline on their backs, two Hollywood beauties – Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. The first to appreciate the reality star Kim Kardashian, choosing for the appearance at the Bet Awards-2012 awards, which took place […]

  • Battle of dresses: Britney Spears against Anna Semenovich

    Their "lush and even more magnificent" Forms are demonstrated in short flared dresses on the wide straps of Azzedine Alaya Britney Spears and Anna Semenovich. The only difference is in the color of the outfits – the snow -white at Britney at listening to the Kansas of young talents in the framework of the X […]

  • Battle of dresses: Natalya Vodianova against Svetlana Bondarchuk

    At the beginning of this year, on the eve of the Valentine’s Day, Natalya Vodianova arranged a charity "Heart reception" in Moscow. The hostess of the evening met the guests with a radiant smile and in the delicate flower dress Ulyana Sergeenko. To the feminine along a straight cut with a belt at the waist, […]

  • Battle of dresses: Nicole Richie against Yana Rudkovskaya

    The exquisite lace along the Emilio Pucci with a belt at the waist, an open neckline and an asymmetric hem gave their preference for the appearance of Nicole Richie and Yana Rudkovskaya on the solemn red carpet. The American star appeared in it in May in New York at the 40th anniversary ceremony of FIFI […]

  • Battle of dresses: Irina Pegova against Irene Ponaroshka

    The love story of the famous fashionistas for a variegated luella flower dress is time "Star Wars for Luella" and in portions to give photos of new admirers of a fashionable hit under the names: the episode is the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth – no less than in the famous space saga. […]

  • Battle of dresses: Oksana Funder against Vera Brezhneva

    And again, two Russian fashionistas met in our fashionable ring in a dress from one of the most successful and beloved Russian designers – Alexander Terekhov. In early April in Moscow on the anniversary, 25th on a row of a ceremony of presenting a domestic film award "Nika" In a long emerald dress Alexander Terekhov, […]

  • Battle of dresses: Dianna Agron against Bosena markets

    Dress "Princes Prints" and "revolutionary in the field of digital printing" – Mary Katrantzu – Celebrities at a big hold. So, in December the vow year, in a dress with short sleeves of Mary Katrantzou, which immediately connected three to one other flower print, an American singer and actress Dianna Agron appeared on a celebration […]