Cannes-2012: “Love” Michael Haneke

Cannes-2012: & quot; love & quot; Michael Hanek

Tonight at the Cannes Film Festival show a new picture of Michael Haneke "Love" (Amour). The film, which has already managed to collect enthusiastic response of the press and is one of the applicants for the main prize, monitors how the relations of the elderly couple of teachers are transformed when the wife, as a result of the stroke, begins to gradually progress dementia.

The main roles in the picture were amazingly played by Jean-Louis Trentinyan and Emmanuel Riva. The role of their daughter went to Isabelle Jupper that did an equally impressive work.

Viewing the Film Film Palace of Film Festivals arrived. There were colleagues of Hannek, Roman Polanski, and singer Cheryl Cole in a spectacular white dress with a red mermaid trip from feathers, and model Erin Wusson, and actor Gael Garcia Bernal, and many, many others.

The jury of the film festival – Diana Kühger (from the rain, she carefully covered the faithful knight Joshua Jackson), Evang McGregor, Alexander Payne, Jean -Pol Gauthier and others, led by the director Nanny Moretti, also granted the premiere in full force.

Whether the tape will receive a gold palm branch, we will find out in about a week, but for now we will look at the outfits of the star guests of the carpet of the premiere.

Jury of the Cannes Film Festival 2012

Diana Krueger at Vivienne Westwood

Joshua Jackson and Diana Krueger


Roman Polanski

The team of the film "Love": Emmanuel Riva, Susan Hannek, Michael Hanek, Isabelle Jupper,
Jean-Louis Trentignan with his wife Nadine

Michael Hanek and Isabelle Jupper

Isabelle Jupper

Jean-Louis Trentignan

Evan McGregor

Gael Garcia Bernal

Erin Wusson in Antonio Brardi

Jean-Paul Gauthier and Emmanuel Devos

Fibi Price

Angela Ismailos

Samuel Lebian with his wife

Julie Gaye

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