“Canned food” from Blake Livilly: the actress launched her own web site

& quot; canned food & quot; From Blake Livillya: the actress launched her own website

Last Monday, July 21, the 26-year-old star of the series "Gossip" Blake Laiva launched its own Lifestyle Site Preserv, which incredibly delighted its fans – according to earlier messages, the resource was supposed to earn only July 23.

In his first letter of the editor, preceding the summer release of the Internet magazine, Lyuvli defines the concept of the site:

Presserve is a creative space, space, equally honored traditions and innovations, space, just as directed into the future, how lovingly keeping the memory of the past.Functionally, the site is divided into several parts: an online magazine, an online store, a platform for charity (in particular, the Life project collaborates with Covenant House, which helps homeless and homeless children: Preserve plans for the first year of work-deductions of five percent of the online revenue from online sales to the fund account).

The topics that the online magazine is dedicated are understandable and expected: here are such headings as "Taste", "House", "Style", "Health", "Culture". There are, in addition, sections "Proximity" and "Holidays", dedicated to the continuity of generations and traditions. In the online store you can purchase women’s jewelry, men’s ties and butterflies, cute trinkets for the house (like wooden beds) and entertaining food (like smoked salt and vegan hot thaja) – all from local small manufacturers.

In a word, a little by little – here you have a pretty site not without a claim for intellectuality, with its aesthetics, clearly hinting at orientation on the creative layers of the population of Brooklyn.

Everyone has a story that he can share. This idea is the cornerstone Preserv. The site is dedicated to people, stories, articles, videos and goods that, as we hope, will inspire your home, your style, your perception. Here are expensive things, and things cheaper, and things with an average price tag – each determines their true value for himself.Well, sounds great, looks too. If the ideas of Blake are close to you, we recommend that you look at the site: if you have long puzzled, where to buy a mixture for cooking Bloody Mary or Handing Carry-Stackers-all this is plus something else here.

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