Britney Spears increases in size

A week ago, the world shuddered: Paparazzi Ednan Galib said that Britney Spears is pregnant from him. We did not have time to rejoice at the release of Britney from the spell of a sales photographer, as she made up with him. How Galiba manages to persuade her, I don’t understand. In the photographs, the girl looks slightly crowded. Someone says that an improvement in appetite, and, as a result, excess weight, is a side effect of the drugs that the singer takes. Someone, seeing Britney in one of the medical centers of Los Angeles (which is not strange with her psychological problems), insists on pregnancy. And someone, like me, is waiting for clarification of the situation. But, the heart is better than five to eight extra kilos that can be burned in the gym than Ednan Galib as a pope.


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