Fashion Battle: Diana Krueger against Anna Chipovskaya

Battle of the Looks

Fashion Battle: Diana Krueger against Anna Chipovskaya

Today in the fashionable arena Spletnik.Ru will fight two amazingly spectacular actresses – Diana Krueger and Anna Chipovskaya. "An apple of discord" became a double -breasted trouser overalls with pockets from the Chanel brand.

So, Diana Krueger managed to make a new thing much earlier: on March 26, she walked in a fashionable outfit along New York. The actress decided that a shortened overalls was a very bright and self -sufficient thing, so she did not overload it with accessories. On the contrary, a classic black handbag on a chain and black shoes with membranes in a small heel made up a good company along Chanel. Plus, Krueger prudently refrained from a sophisticated hairstyle and bright makeup, withstanding the image in the style of Nude.

And what is our Anna? Gathering for the opening of the Chanel exhibition in the Saltykov-Deshtkov mansion, Chipovskaya decided that the overalls should certainly be supplemented with contrasting shoes with a bright blue myska and a sandy handbag. Moreover, the actress put on massive paired bracelets on her wrists, and highlighted her lips with red lipstick.

Was it worth adding to such an along like this overalls, bright accessories, as Anna did? Or the naturalness of Diana is more appropriate?

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