Fashion Battle: Courtney Kardashian vs Chloe Kardashian

Battle of the Looks

Fashion Battle: Courtney Kardashian vs Chloe Kardashian

Today in ours "Battle" There are two sisters of Kardashian – Courtney and Chloe. Both girls tried on the sexual black overalls of their clothing brand.

Let’s start with Courtney Kardashian. She put on a jumpsuit on August 31 on a social event in Las Vegas. The girl decided to rely on frank sensuality, so she did not put on anything over the signature outfit. As shoes, she preferred classic black boats. Accessories are also designed in an extremely restrained way so that nothing distracts our gaze from the neckline and luxurious hair of the TV star. A trendy transparent clutch is clamped in the hand.

Chloe Kardashian put on the same overalls recently on the occasion of the launch of the Kardashian Kollection clothing line in London. In general, from her sister, she decided to distinguish herself only because she threw a jacket with transparent sleeves in tone over her shoulders. And unfortunately, we cannot appreciate the handbags of celebrity.

To solve only to you – who from the clan Kardashian beat the jumpsuit better?

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