Battle of dresses: Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova and Yana Valencia

Battle of the Looks

Battle of dresses: Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova and Yana Valencia

Chanel’s classic set has been seen in the secular chronicle for the fifth time. He was already put on by actress Diana Krueger, it-girls Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma and Elena Perminova. This only proves its versatility and style – as befits classics.

Yana Valencia joined the fashionable four on Thursday, November 28, who put on the set to open the exhibition -installation of the French fashion house – Numeros Prives.

Yana in her own way beat this "school" the image, adding a little stiffness in black boots. Onions completed makeup in pastel colors and freely lying hair. In the hands of Valencia, there was a handbag embroidered with a black glass with an unusual handle.

Recall that Miroslava Duma put on a dress in February on a fashionable marathon New York-London-Milan-Parizh. She complemented the kit with black tight tights and shoes on the platform.

Lena Perminova put on a costume this summer for the Beauty Bar beauty feast. And since the summer in the capital turned out to be hot, the model decided not to overload the image with additional elements of clothing. In addition to a black and white mini-dress and a jacket, she chose original beige boats with black "noses" the same fashion house.

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