Battle of dresses: Gwyneth Paltrow against Alishi Kis

Battle of the Looks

Battle of dresses: Gwyneth Paltrow against Alishi Kis

STELLA MCCARTNEY evening dress with transparent inserts on the sides and gold belt, we saw on many celebrities – his variations were worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooklyn Dexker, Michelle Doker and other stars. Alisha Kis also followed by their example, appearing in Stella McCartney at the Aria ceremony in Sydney in this weekend and giving us reason "Chop" her in the battle with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwynet in the black version of the dress came in February this year to the award ceremony "Grammy" In Los Angeles. The actress did without accessories – except that several rings are noticeable on her fingers.

Alisha Kis, the owner of a bright appearance, chose an outfit of bright yellow fabric. And this seemed to her a little – and the singer’s neck was decorated with a massive necklace.

The restrained, almost stressful image of Gwynet against the vivid exit of Alishi – who will win?

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