Battle of dresses: Elena Perminova against Reese Witherspun

Battle of the Looks

Battle of dresses: Elena Perminova against Reese Witherspun

Two blondes Elena Perminova and Reese Witherspoon chose similar dresses-Bando for the evening. But, as you know, the devil lies in details, and in our case, in accessories.

To our joy, the Russian model Elena Perminova went around the Hollywood star, wearing a black dress with Chanel open back in early April at the exhibition of Verushka in Moscow. As accessories, the girl chose a large necklace of balls and caffa. As for shoes, we note bodily boots with an open cape and a hard clutch on a chain. Red lipstick successfully completes the image and contrasts with the dress.

Reese Witherspoon tried on Dior dress at the end of October at the 20th annual ceremony "Woman of the year" ELLE magazine. The first difference from Elena is, of course, the orange color of the outfit. In addition, we pay attention to the shortened length. The actress left the neckline and wrists free from jewelry. In our opinion, still in vain. As shoes, Reese put on open Nude sandals, and a handbag in her hand – a metallized hard clutch. If we talk about May-Ape, the accent of the Witherspoon made it in the eye, leaving her lips neutral.

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