Battle of Proenza Shouler: Alena Peneva, Ilona so and Miroslava Duma

Battle of dresses: Alena Peneva, Ilona Zelee and Miroslava Duma

On the first day of summer, the editor -in -chief of Grazia magazine Alena Peneva, becoming one of the heroines of the project "Fashionable signs", took part in the filming organized by the stylists Fashion IQ for the Aizel24/7 online battleship. Having run through the traditional blitz-survey, prepared for all participants in the project, Alena confidently answered the question "Skirt or trousers?" unshakable: "Skirt. Definitely!". It is said – done: in front of the camera, the heroine demonstrated a snow -white shirt and a Solnza Snow Proenza Shouler from colorful colored horizontal stripes.

Alena Peneva’s black and orange skirt was the first in the top three fighting for the victory in today’s fashionable battle with an option of a bright wardrobe item.

The second contender for victory is Ilona of the sole, demonstrating at the opening of the beauty Bottom Chanel, the work of Proenza Shouler in a different color duet – black with an electric yellow. The famous fashionista supplemented the bright diaziner work with a simple black T -shirt, yellow boats and a thread of beads.

The fashionable trio of Miroslava Duma is completing, which is beating for the victory in the same black-and-yellow skirt of Proenza Shouler, but this time complete with a top-beam-beaming and black boom in a palette on the platform. Appearing in a skirt beloved by the fashionistas at the Elie Saab Haute Couture, Miroslava Duma completed the list of applicants for the title "Sun girls".

Who will win?

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