Battle of Givenchy: Marina Dolidze vs Ida Lolo

Battle of Givenchy: Marina Dolidze vs Ida Lolo

Givenchy autumn collection caused incredible excitement in the ranks of true fashionistas. The trend did not bypass the original prints and extraordinary combinations and Moscow.

Recently similar sets – skirt, blouse, pulver – put on Marina Dolidze and Ida Lolo: the first appeared in the outfit at the opening of the Victoria’s Vintage boutique, the second – at the presentation of Interview Russia. We decide who looked better.

Despite the obvious similarity, the toilets of two secular lionesses (and noble fashionistas!) differed: the girls chose shirts of different colors, unlike accessories. Yes, even panthers on their glamorous "sweatshirts" were different! But the idea itself and its embodiment were almost identical.

Whose image you like more?

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