Battle of covers: Russian gloss in January 2012

Battle of covers: Russian gloss in January 2012

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January came – and brought with him another opportunity to vote for the best cover of the month. Moreover, this time there really is something to choose from: for a fair court of gossips put their "glossy faces" Harper` S Bazaar, Marie Claire, In Style, Elle, Vogue, Tatler, Glamor and Cosmopolitan.

Moreover, each of the eight "competitive" publications – your mood for the new, 2012. So, Harper` S Bazaar, obviously, wants to wish his readers good luck in their personal life – not without reason Kate Bekinsale appeared in the image "Brides". And Marie Claire and Kira Knightley see life in the coming year exclusively through "pink glasses".

In Style invites everyone to truly shift in 2012 – and at the same time gives fans their own "Golden figurine", Diana Cruger. Elle suggests recalling eternal values ​​- among which, obviously, the unfading beauty Sharon Stone.

Vogue offers "Fresh start" – A detachment of a fashionable avant -garde under the command of Lily Cole is taken into a new life. And Tatler is going on and breaks the cover of secrets, including with appetizing Scarlett Johansson.

Especially for its January release Glamor "phoned" with Rihanna, in order to get a couple of fashionable advice on old friendship. And Cosmopolitan, armed with the mischievous Catherine Hage, promised to answer 31 questions about sex (we hope not in format "Not really").

And now, gossip, the word is for you: whose idea was more successful, the cover is more colorful, and the invited star is more popular?

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