Amanda Pete gave birth to a daughter

Amanda Pete gave birth to a daughter

Now Amanda Pete and her husband screenwriter David Benioff are the parents of two beautiful daughters. The other day (on Tuesday, April 20), the actress gave birth to a girl called Molly June Benioff.

The birth began a little earlier than planned – on Tuesday, Amanda had to interview David Letterman (it, of course, had to be canceled). The representative of Pete, however, noticed that, despite the early births, mom and baby feel great.

Amanda recently said that her whole family was very excited by the quick birth of a girl – except that there were disputes about the name. For example, the eldest daughter Pitt Francis wanted her sister to be called a cake.

Amanda’s husband David, by her own admission, wants three children. But for her it is too much. Two she is quite enough for her.

Amanda Pete and David Benioff

Amanda with daughter Francis

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