5 most high -profile bayopics of the new movie season

5 most high -profile bayopics of the new movie season

Autumn is already entering into its own, and leisure from parks and street entertainment is increasingly transferred to closed rooms. One of the good ways to diversify free time is a trip to the cinema: good, in this autumn season, the audience will be offered a lot of stories about life and the hard path of famous people – from Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela to Steve Jobs Assange.

Today, September 5, opens "season of biographical films": Bayopic starts on wide screens about the life of the pornstars of Linda Lalece, so we remind you of the most interesting paintings about the life of stars, which soon go for rent this fall and at the beginning of winter.

"Laulase" (September 5)

Amanda Seifried and Sharon Stone shone during the film in Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York. Picture of Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, who received good reviews of the press and critics, tells about the history of the life of porn actress Linda Lavelles: she became famous in the 1970s after participating in the film "Deep Throat", And after that she actively fought for the rights of women.

"Oils" The fact that the copyright holders of the image of Linda who shot the Porn Bestseller did not succeed in the picture of the rental, they did not succeed, and they did not succeed, and the results of the rental of the first weekend in the United States did not disappoint.

Amanda Saifried in Linda Lavelles

"Jobs: Empire of temptation" (September 19)

Genius, innovator, rebel – in these three words, the creators of Bayopic about the founder of Apple describe their hero. Ribbon "Jobs: Empire of temptation" (Jobs) will appear on Russian screens on September 19. "Jobs" – Independent film by American director Joshua Michael Stern, who was already criticized by the co -founder "Apple" Steve Vozniak.

In the recent personal recognition of the fans, the leading actor of Ashton Katcher identified four reasons why he still decided to take up this ambiguous project – first of all, the actor admitted, he did not care who and how would play Jobs adored by him.

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Katcher in the role of Steve Jobs

"The fifth power" (October 11I)

Painting "The fifth power", based on books "Wikileaks from the inside" Daniel Domshait-Berg and "Wikileaks: Julian Assange War with secrecy" David Lee and Luke Harding will be released on October 11. The role of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was played by Benedict Cumberbatch, stars such as Stanley Tuchchi, Laura Linny, Dan Stephens, David Tulis and others also played in the film.

For the role of the main exposure of the present, Cumberbatch not only turned into an ash blond, but also changed his famous voice – the actor spent more than one evening after attempts to copy the peculiar manner of Assange’s speech. At the same time, Julian refused to take part in the filming, but nevertheless discussed the picture and the role of himself with Cumberbatch – of course, by e -mail (as we recall, the founder of WikiLeaks now lives at the Ekvador Embassy in London).

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange

"Long road to freedom" (November 28)

Justin Chavik’s biographical drama "Long road to freedom" (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) tells about the formation of the first black President South Africa Nelson Mandela. The role of Mandela himself in the picture was played by the laureate "Golden Globe" Idris Elba, known for films "Rock-n Roller","Prometheus" and the series "Luther", as well as the last work of Del Toro – blockbuster "Pacific Rim".

Idris Elba
Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela

"Diana: Love Story" (5th of December)

The drama of Oliver Hirschbigel, known to the viewer on the historical series "Borjia", will focus on the romantic relationship of Diana and the Pakistani cardiac surgeon Hasnat Khan, whom many close princesses called "love of her life". His role in the film was played by British actor Navin Andrews, and Naomi Watts reincarnated into Princess Diana, who admitted that he was very afraid of the pressure of the public and perception of such an ambiguous character in her performance.

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

In addition to the above films, there are other bayopics worthy of attention: in late autumn a drama will be presented "Kennedy murder" with gennifer Goodwin, picture "Barton and Taylor" with Helena Bonham Carter, tape "House Versace", dedicated to the formation of the fashion house Versace with Gina Gershon, and "The wolf of Wall Street" with Leonardo DiCaprio, and many other projects.

Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin as Jacqueline Kennedy

Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor

Donatella Versace
Gina Gershon as Donatella Versache

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio as a legend of Broker’s case Jordan Belfort

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