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Movie premiere “20 cigarettes” October 9 was held in the cinema “October”. But, despite all the efforts of the organizers, it turned out to be an event not in demand. The promised many celebrities never arrived, so champagne and treats had to be tasted mainly by mere mortals. And main roles performers. Read more under the cut.

No red carpet, no pathos and noise, almost empty hall: if not for banners at the entrance, one could not understand that the premiere in the cinema. Maria Arbatova arrived before all of the VIP and rushed to the second floor to her friends, with whom she blabbed all evening before the start of the show.

Oscar coachman, as well as the premiere “Apocalypse code”, I arrived with a pregnant friend, and most of the evening met the guests and handed them out tickets while my friend was missing. Alexander Gradsky came all in black, but in a good mood. Natalya Andreichenko was traditionally dressed in all the colors of the rainbow. I walked for a long time on the first floor with a satellite and laughed.

Nobody first recognized Ilya Lyubimov, however, they later recognized the main role in the modest young man and attacked the interview with the demand. Vidzhe MTV Alexander Anatolyevich at the beginning of the evening ran on the first floor – nervously talked on the mobile and tried to hide from the cameras, but then he returned to the guests who were already terrible and smiling, and not one. Apparently, the reason was in his young companion, which Alexander endlessly hugged and kissed.

Actresses Anna Sovarinko and Olga Volkova on the ground floor talked with journalists and accepted flowers from friends. And Galina Tyunina arrived later than all, received her ticket and proceeded to the hall, where the session was already beginning.

Photos from the premiere see in the photo gallery.

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